Re: sockaddr_in() timeout or asynchone call ?

"JG" == Jim Gibson <jgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

JG> The choice to prevent a program blocking on I/O usually involves
JG> either non-blocking I/O (polling) or asynchronous I/O (e.g, the
JG> select statement or forking/threading). Both have their
JG> complications.

you are conflating several things there. the blocking nature of the
socket has nothing to do with whether you use select on it. and select
has nothing to do with forking/threads. and async i/o can means using
the OS's async i/o ops or an event loops that supports it or even using
threads. so you can pretty much mix and match all of those things and
you don't have an either/or situation.

but i agree with your main assessment, sockaddr_in just does some simple
IP address munging and should never block. the OP is confused or
misunderstood something.


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