Re: Extract range of lines from a text file

Dr.Ruud wrote:
Amer Neely schreef:

I'm walking through a mailbox file, and want to pull out specific
lines from each message. The body of each message is in a similar
format, having been generated by a script.

I'm doing OK except for one particular block of lines, the customer
address data. There is a blank line before and after this block.

Transaction Time: 18:45:55

Amer Neely
POB 1481 Station Main
North Bay ON
P1B 8K7


Or use a simplified state machine.

my $state = -1;
my $line = -1;

while (<>) {
chomp; # s/^\s+//; s/\s+$//;

if (-1 == $state) {
if (/^Transaction Time:/) {
elsif (0 == $state) {
if (/^$/) {
$line = 0;
else {
die "$state: <$_>?";
elsif (1 == $state) { # in address
if (^$) {
# skip
elsif (/^\d{3}-\d{3}-\d{4}$/) {
$state = -1;
$line = -1;
else {
print "$line: $_\n";
else {
die "$state: <$_>?";


Very interesting. It's a little more complex than I need (see the reply by Xicheng Jia dated today 11:57). That works for me.

I did adopt your code (with a few minor fixes) to my situation, but got an error when I ran it on my test input file:
Sun Apr 9 12:29:32 2006
0: <xxxxxxxxxxxx
P6A 3P4
CANADA>? at line 39, <IN> chunk 2.

Thank you for this very different approach. I will keep it in mind for other situations.
Amer Neely
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