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Social faux pas to avoid
- Asking a Frequently Asked Question
- Asking a question easily answered by a cursory doc search
- Asking for emailed answers
- Beware of saying "doesn't work"
- Sending a "stealth" Cc copy

This section assumes that faux pas are performed most often by
newbies; personally, I find this assumption unsubstantiated.

If you lurk around Usenet, you will find that people consider
c.l.p.misc a very bad neighbornood. I wish to disagree with them, but
I can't.

In my optinion, the rudeness level on this newsgroup increased very
much during the last 10 years; and most of this increase is, IMO, due
know what strategy they have in mind when doing this; neither do I
know whether their strategy works.

What I know is that I find this disgusting - even in the cases when
they know the technical side of relevant mechanics of Perl. And time
to time (maybe even quite often?) it turns out that they have less
clue (in the particular area) that the poster they flame...

Not all regulars are like this; actually, only a few persona jump to
mind - if you read clpm for a couple of weeks, you know who I mean.
Should not the FAQ concentrate on this, and not be just a tool to
denigrate clueless newbies?