Re: Want to create a website using perl and CGI

"AD" == Andrew DeFaria <Andrew@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

AD> Uri Guttman wrote:
AD> and did you know that you can send any format of content back to the
AD> server, not just html?

AD> And if you do the web server errs out.

you know not of what you talk.

AD> Again, if you do not send back a valid HTML header the web server
AD> (or at least every web server I've ever used) displays an error
AD> complaining about invalid headers.

there is no such thing as an HTML header. none. nada. it is an HTTP
header. please learn the difference. it will save your life one day.

AD> Technically CGI is just a protocol - practically you need to return HTML.

no. is a GIF/JPEG/PNG html? is xml html? is plain text html? you don't
seem to understand this at all.

i give up. you know more than all the web hackers in the world.


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