Re: Non-blocking directory watching

Naw. I too am polling at the moment. This was more of a curiosity
question in the hopes of adding to my knowledge.

On Mar 9, 2:41 pm, xhos...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
"Matthew" <mmun...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello all.

Is there a way to watch a directory for files w/o blocking? I was
hoping there was something similar to select but I have found nothing.

I can't think of a way of watching a directory *with* blocking (I'd just do
polling which may be inefficient but doesn't block waiting for a change to
happen). If you have such a method (efficient but blocking) in mind and
you share it with us, I might be able to help you make it nonblocking.

inotify will not work b/c of the linux kernel requirement. I'd like
to stay cross-platform


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