rss2twitter 0.1

What is rss2twitter?
rss2twitter is a freeware perl tool (we distribute also a Windows
excutable) to send to Twitter (batch) the links and the posts of a
RSS. I decide to develop it because I've a lot of blogs with Blogger
and I like the wordpress Twitter pluging of Alex King.

If you like the tool we like your donations ;)

Configure and run rss2twitter
At the moment rss2twitter is a command line and works in the same way
on every OS supported by perl
rss2twitter [-options] (or perl [-options]
where options include:
-help to print the line help
-verbose to print verbose messages
-version to print version
-debug to help to debug
-configure file to use a specific configuration file (the default is
rss2twitter.cfg in the same directory of the executable)

rss2twitter uses the file rss2twitter.cfg as its configuration file.
This file must reside in the same directory as the rss2twitter file,
since it searches for this file at runtime. You can create your own
rss2twitter.cfg file and use it with -configure option.
Inside this file, you can change the values for the user, password,
To change any of these values, you just need to edit rss2twitter.cfg.
You can also create a new .cfg file and tell rss2twitter to read it at
runtime, using the -configure yourfile.cfg option.
With user and password you have to set your Twitter user and password.
With feed you can set the RSS feed to download.
rss2twitter will make a file named xxxxxxxx.r2t where xxxxxxxx is the
user you have set in rss2twitter.cfg. rss2twitter will use this file
to send to twitter only the new posts. DON'T DELETE IT.
Pay attention: send posts to Twitter is very slow so run rss2twitter
with -verbose to verify it is working.