Re: Not an ARRAY reference at ...Heap/ line 31

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when i try to install the Graph CPAN module, I get failures in a lot
of its tests.
All failure are in the Heap module, file line 31..

any ideas ?

I noticed at that 6 cpan testers report failures. I tried to get to to see if any of them had experienced the same problem as you - but seems to be down.

Which version of Heap are you running (and what does line 31 contain) ? If it's not the latest (version 0.80), maybe you should update Heap and see if that fixes the problem.

If that does fix the problem, then you should file a bug report (at ) for the Graph module, as the Graph module's Makefile.PL specifies that *any* version of Heap will suffice.

Hmmm ... on second thoughts (since Heap-0.80 is more recent than Graph-0.81) it may be that you need to *downgrade* Heap to an earlier version (if you're already running Heap-0.80).