Re: Mac: Perl script that will run when double-clicked

On Aug 29, 5:54 pm, Anno Siegel <anno4...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 2007-08-29 06:17:58 +0200, amirkar...@xxxxxxxxx said:

On Aug 22, 1:28 pm, amirkar...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
1) You need to chmod +x the script, or it won't run. Which sort of
defeats the purpose of creating adouble-clickable program, doesn't

How so? What do you consider the purpose of making a perl script clickable?


Good point.

The idea here is that I'm going to have downloadable files that the
user saves to their disk so they can click on it & run without ever
needing to open a Terminal themselves or type stuff on a command

In case you're wondering about the purpose, I have a site called the
Scriptome which provides simple data munging tools for non-programming
biologists. To make things as super-simple as possible (no install or
config necessary), we originally set it up to have Perl one-liners you
cut & paste onto a command line, but people kept telling us that non-
programmers are afraid of the command line. I worked out a way to
make .pl's do the right thing when clicked on Windows, but wasn't sure
how we could handle it on Mac. If I actually knew how to build Mac
apps easily, I could do this in a fancier way (volunteers welcomed!).
But I'm really aiming for this stuff to just work; prettiness, bells &
whistles are optional. (Sorry for the plug, but you asked!)



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