passing $fd as a reference

Hi everybody,

below is a few lines from http::daemon pod:

$c->send_file( $filename )
$c->send_file( $fd )

Copy the file to the client. The file can be a string (which will be
interpreted as a filename) or a reference to an IO::Handle or glob.

I have to admit I have never read file contents by IO::Handle

I usually go about it by:

my $song = 'song.mp3';
open my $fh1, '<', $song or die "open(): $!\n";
binmode $fh1;

how can I tie the code above to $c->send_file( $fd ) ???


btw, when reading a binary file in order to move cursor position, do you
think I should use "seek" or "sysseek" and the should I use read the
file by "read" or "sysread" ??

thanks ever so much!