Re: Converting milliseconds to seconds

On 2008-01-15 14:56, Abigail <abigail@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Peter J. Holzer (hjp-usenet2@xxxxxx) wrote on VCCL September MCMXCIII in
}} Of course there is no other way to round-to-0, but the manual is talking
}} about "rounding" here: And "rounding" without any qualifiers usually
}} means "round to nearest", not "round to 0".
}} The entry is still confusing: The hint to use sprintf instead is ok, but
}} in what way are floor and ceil supposed to be better than int? And the
}} caveat about decimal/binary confusions isn't really a reason for "don't
}} use int for rounding" - any rounding method has the same problem.

Neither floor, nor ceil does the same as int.

True. But what does that have to do with anything I wrote?



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