Re: Will Perl 6 be usable as a procedure language?

On May 1, 1:40 pm, xhos...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
nolo contendere <simon.c...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On May 1, 1:12=A0am, Lars Eighner <use...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Will perl 6 be usable as a procedure language?

What _exactly_ do you mean by 'procedure language'?

I think he means "Not object oriented"

But can't one author code either procedurally or OO in the same

(This may not be the authority, but):

"The most popular programming languages usually have both OOP and
procedural aspects."

Perhaps the most popular language used for OOP is Java, but you can
write procedural code in Java if you wanted, correct? I was hoping
that the OP could list the exact criteria he was using for determining
the answer to his question.

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