Re: reinstall perl

Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:
szr wrote:
Keenlearner wrote:
On May 26, 8:16 pm, Gunnar Hjalmarsson <nore...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Do not

Ops, sorry, I thought that was different mailing list.

Actually it _is_ a different list. This news group and the server are separate, so calling it multi-posting is
not really correct (that implies posting to multiple groups on the
same server.) I don't see why one cannot post in both areas, as it
can increase the possible results (since they are completely

Because doing so is ruthless.

I agree when it's on the same service or network, but when it's two
complete separate domains it would seem perfectly reasonable, as long as
the poster takes care to pass on accepted answers to the other thread.
This would be sort of like cross-posting, in an indirect way.

To me, the fact that they are on separate servers is irrelevant. IMO,
you abuse the community just as much by posting to both
simultaneously, whether the correct term is multi-posting or
something else.

Again, I disagree that it's just plain wrong to post in multiple venues.
As long as the person posting informs the other venues of solutions that
they got or derived from another, it shouldn't be a problem.