Re: The single biggest STUPIDITY in Perl ...

"jps" > ...
Well... Objects are a GOOOOD thing.
References are a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD thing.

My understanding is that scalars are always implicitly
passed by reference anyway, unless, or until, their value
is altered.

And I'm sure that perl has done the right thing, inspite of me,
more often than I'd care to admit,
It's just my hubris that I'd like to have a feeling
of at least the possibility of being able to exercise
more definite, simple and clear control over everything.
The kind of rush you can get from C or C++.

At the moment, in my opinion, the way perl handles
unicode -- its utf8 flag usage etc -- is the worst thing about it.

But I hope to be able to take that back soon.
I hope to be able to say, authoritatively,
that it's the way that the-way-that-perl-handles-unicode
is explained, that's the worst thing about it.