Re: opening a client application from a server?

On May 7, 10:33 pm, Jürgen Exner <jurge...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
And exactly there was the big misunderstanding. Everyone else was
assuming you were talking about an embedded document.

This is my fault. I should have been clearer. The requirement is to
produce a Word document merging data obtained as a result of querying
a database with a template, so that the user can open the file in Word
and edit it if necessary. I'm using the browser as the interface to
the database, and the client wants to use a hyperlink to allow the
user to open the document.

As you said yourself, it is a client configuration thing, the browser
must be configured to open MS Word.
In FireFox it's "Options" -> "Applications", in other browsers it's
probably some other location.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it in the morning.


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