Re: opening a client application from a server?

On May 7, 10:44 pm, "A. Sinan Unur" <1...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
1. What is eval doing there?

Sorry for the confusion. This is actually from an old script that
opened Word for another purpose, and I (perhaps confusedly)
resurrected it as a desperate measure.

2. You are mentioning this in the context of a CGI script running
   on a web server.

Yes, see my reply to jue.

But then, you are the one keeps insisting that writing code without a
plan or design to 'get things done' is the right strategy.

I don't recall ever saying this. I have stated that I use ad hoc
methods for short scripts less than about 50 lines or so. but this is
different from just throwing code on the wall to see if any sticks.
Once you write the same code several hundred times, you don't need to
plan it -- you can do it in your sleep.

Now, you want others to help you make money because you haven't
done your homework and you are up against a deadline.

Hey, any port in a storm. ;-)

Here is your fish. Enjoy.

Which defeats the purpose. I'm /NOT/ writing a script to produce an
output file for a web server. I /AM/ producing the output file to
write to the file system. The 'eval' point you made above came from a
script that (1) queried a database, (2) parsed the data and stuffed it
into a hash, (3) created the outfile from the data, (4) invoked Word,
and (5) exited. It wasn't a CGI script and didn't use a browser for an
interface, but was run from the command line and didn't involve a web

Anyway, Sinan, thanks for your help. I haven't run your code, but am
curious if it will actually work in Word 2007. So far, I haven't
gotten Word to open a document produced with WPML with a docx
extension, but Word 2007 works fine with a plain doc extension.