Re: opening a client application from a server?

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Here is your fish. Enjoy.

Which defeats the purpose. I'm /NOT/ writing a script to produce an
output file for a web server.

Huh? Are you playing games here?

The subject line says:

Re: opening a client application from a server?

In addition, your original post states clearly:

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as easy as writing a CGI script and dynamically updating the
HTML from a database. WordProcessingML is no different from
XHTML and does pretty good at creating Word documents.

Here's the question: The client has a requirement that the users
create a Word document on a web enabled app and open it in the
client browser. I can create the word document and open it on the
server (using this command -- exec("c:/Program Files/Microsoft
Office/ OFFICE12/winword.exe", "c:/TEST1.DOC")) but I can't get Word
to open the file on the client. I can write the .doc file to a
directory and give the client to the directory over the internet,
but that doesn't meet the requirement.

I /AM/ producing the output file to write to the file system.

Which file system? Where do you think your client is going to save the
file after s/he has edited it?

I haven't run your code, but am curious if it will actually work in
Word 2007.

I don't know. I have Word 2003.

And, of course, I tested the script before posting it.


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