Re: Is PERL good for a linguist new to programming?

In Dread Ink, the Grave Hand of p.podmostko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Did Inscribe:

i just want to point out to some new posters here who flame at the
regulars. note that this OP and thread was civil and informative. it the
threads where the OP doesn't listen or keeps asking wrong questions or
such that get crazy. and then the peanut gallery jumps in with no real
help but useless and childish criticism. note how they didn't jump into
this thread? that is because they don't have the accumulated years of
experience to offer. nice of them (keel is the latest) to keep out of
this thread.

Sorry, but what does this have to do with anything? :) I don't follow.

Uri and his ilk are why I would advise against thinking you can conquer the
many idioms of perl by relying on usenet. Post a few more questions as you
supplement your study and watch their tone slip as you don't follow Uri's
life advice.

clp.misc varies like any usenet group. Doesn't seem to be many OP's and Uri
is front and center: hmmm.

Other times, it's been nice. What's really helped me this time around is
that I have a sysadmin buddy who looks at this stuff with me. I don't
regret the fifty dollars I laid out for _Programming Perl_. YMMV.

BTW, I think it's unrealistic that you would pick up programming without a
background in it. My $.02 .

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