Re: Is PERL good for a linguist new to programming?

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BTW, I think it's unrealistic that you would pick up programming
without a background in it. My $.02 .

So you say that it's futile for me to continue studying it?

I had to look up his message in Google. Note that he did not say
anything of substance except to complain about 'Uri and his ilk'.

Anyone with a capacity for logical thinking can program. It takes time
and practice. It takes learning from mistakes.

The good thing about programming is the instant feedback loop. At the
lowest level, perl will tell you if you have made a syntax error.
However, it is possible have a program that perl will accept but does
not do what you want. Then, you have to think harder about how to
communicate what you want within the language. When you have a program
that seems to do what you want, it is usually possible to improve on it
by making it more succinct, by modifying the flow etc.

That is, programming is very close to writing.

When you eventually post programming questions here, your questions and
proposed solutions will be critiqued. Expect that. You'd do well to take
those critiques seriously (in terms of improving your skills).

Besides, did you notice the circular reasoning in "it's unrealistic that
you would pick up programming without a background in it." How does one
get a background in something without trying and doing first without a

Don't let this kind of silliness stop you from installing Perl and
getting started (see

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