Re: Is PERL good for a linguist new to programming?

In Dread Ink, the Grave Hand of Uri Guttman Did Inscribe:

"FS" == Franken Sense <frank@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> Sorry, but what does this have to do with anything? :) I don't
>> follow.

FS> Uri and his ilk are why I would advise against thinking you can
FS> conquer the many idioms of perl by relying on usenet. Post a few
FS> more questions as you supplement your study and watch their tone
FS> slip as you don't follow Uri's life advice.

the fact you aren't learning perl quickly yourself is no reason to rant
about how usenet works or doesn't work. you have posted forever about a
trivially simple problem and have taken forever to grasp the simplest
perl idioms. you ignored coding and educational advice, you constantly
seem to compare perl ops to similar ops in c and can't see the
differences. your views on programming, and training aren't valid so why
did you jump in here? i can't wait for keel to stick his nose in too.

FS> clp.misc varies like any usenet group. Doesn't seem to be many
FS> OP's and Uri is front and center: hmmm.

huh?? try to make some sense.

FS> Other times, it's been nice. What's really helped me this time
FS> around is that I have a sysadmin buddy who looks at this stuff
FS> with me. I don't regret the fifty dollars I laid out for
FS> _Programming Perl_. YMMV.

so ask him to train you.

FS> BTW, I think it's unrealistic that you would pick up programming without a
FS> background in it. My $.02 .

speak for yourself. you have some programming background and can't pick
up basic perl that has been spoonfed to you. comment operator anyone?


To OP: this is Uri in his usual tone. If you can read this while supposing
yourself to be the second person without wanting to tell him to get bent,
then clp.misc is for u and uri is ur man.

Most of us here in the media are what I call infotainers...Rush Limbaugh is
what I call a disinfotainer. He entertains by spreading disinformation.
~~ Al Franken