Re: Can I not use the -E switch in the perl debugger/interpreter?

On Thu, 30 Jul 2009 08:29:02 -0700, jl_post@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
So my question is: Is it possible for me to use the "-E" switch in
the perl debugger/interpreter to automatically invoke the "say" feature,
or can that only be used with perl one-liners (that is, scripts written
entirely at the command line)?

The reason lies in toke.c: the debugger is loaded before -E is processed:

if (PL_perldb) {
/* Generate a string of Perl code to load the debugger.
if (PL_minus_E)
"use feature ':5." STRINGIFY(PERL_VERSION) "';");

So at the moment, the answer is no. I'll ask P5P whether it has to stay
this way.

Peter Scott