Re: Another way of resizing an Image?

"J. Gleixner" <glex_no-spam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Graham wrote:
[...] I suppose it could be finding the
module with one or both of these paths but because the GD Package is not
pure-perl and has not been compiled, this is causing the error (all I get
is 'Internal Server Error'). It looks like this is beyond me, so I guess
I really need to nag the ISP into installing the Image::Resize and its
dependancies. The trouble is you can only contact these poeple by tickets
through their web site, and if they want to ignore you, they will.

Your whole script is:

use lib qw(/var/www/cgi-bin/mymodules/);
use Image::Resize;

And that gives you 'Internal Server Error'?
Check the Web server's error log. You do need the header,
when running that as a CGI.

If all else fails, install everything on your own machine, resize
the images there and put them on the server.

Actually, that's the perfect answer! I now know that the guy who's taking
the images can only take them 2592 x 1944 - far too big to sensibly upload
to the server anyway. So I'll write a script that will resize them to 800 x
600 on my machine and also create 160 x 120 thumbs too, then upload the lot
to the server. Job done!