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I see, well then you might need to get someone to take a look or give
you different options.  There are some things you can try, but if
you've set the buffering in the script, then the problem does lie
elsewhere.  You also might consider something like a server-push
solution or just saying "click here to view the results", which can
then open a file or read in the data as its happening (perhaps not via
a CGI script).

The link idea could be a fall back, but I'd like to automate that. I
would think you can do that by setting the refresh parameter in
cgi::pm's header call, but I cannot figure out how to get the refresh
to exit once the process is complete, it just refreshes and refreshes
and refreshes, even when the process completes.

That should be simple, just don't send the meta refresh anymore
with the last page when the program is done.

The real problem is more that this can't be done with a simple
CGI script because when the browser (re-)loads the page the
web server will start a new CGI script that doesn't know any-
thing about what happened before. So you will probably need
some background process that waits for requests from the CGI
script and then passes back the newly calculated data back to
it (which the CGI script then sends on to the web server that
transmits them to the browser).

Since there could be several browsers asking simultaneously
for new pages you also would have to be able to handle cal-
culations in parallel within that background process. And
you would have to rely on some mechanism, e.g. cookies, to
know which results are for which client.

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