Re: decimal round off issue

On 2009-09-24, Ben Morrow <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
AFAIK, there are many gcc's on Win32, all (?) using different CRTL...

Really? The only port I've ever seen is the MinGW port, which uses
MSVCRT as it's libc. (I don't count Cygwin/Interix/whatever gccs as
running on Win32, and neither does perl.)

I saw mentions of djgcc port. At some time OS/2 EMX port was working
on Win32 with an appropriate syscalls library (RSX-NT, if I remember
correct) - but later people could not reproduce it; I did not collect
enough incentive to debug.

I know that klibc sources have __WIN32__ defines and subdirectories
scattered about... Do not know whether klibc actually compiles under
Win32. I know that Perl compiles - and at least in some repects works
- with klibc.


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