Re: How to print each line as a perl script executes?

On Jan 25, 5:58 pm, "Uri Guttman" <u...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"JE" == J rgen Exner <jurge...@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

  JE> Ben Morrow <b...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  >> Quoth J?Exner <jurge...@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
  >>> Peng Yu <pengyu...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  >>> >Is there a way to print the corresponding line in the perl script as
  >>> >the script executes?
  >>> perldoc debug
  >> ITYM perldoc perldebug.

  JE> Interestingly enough "perldoc debug" launches the same man page.

perldoc debug
No documentation found for "debug".

I notice both Strawberry and ActiveState 5.10.1 perldoc's
(v3.15) -- I don't have a 5.10.1 Unix system handy --
apparently apply FWIM (find what I mean) and prepend
'perl' during the search:

c:\strawberry\perl\lib\pods>perldoc -D debug
Searching for debug
Looking for debug in C:\Perl\bin C:/Perl/site/lib C:/Perl/lib . C:\Perl
\site\bin ...
Looking for perldebug in C:\Perl\bin C:/Perl/site/lib C:/Perl/lib .
Loosely found as C:\Perl\lib\pods\perldebug.pod

Charles DeRykus