Re: software requirements again, take 483

"cc" == ccc31807 <cartercc@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

cc> The business guy was out of the office at a conference. All I
cc> had was the log file and that he wanted it by Monday. Initially,
cc> I didn't even know what it was that he wanted, but it wasn't
cc> difficult to guess. I didn't want to wait until I knew the
cc> requirements in toto when I knew I could do 90% with the
cc> information I had.

You *guessed* the requirements? You dove in without being sure that is
what he wanted?

This is the core of your problem. Not only is the development process
at your workplace completely ass-backwards, you are *participating in*
and *reinforcing* its ass-backwardsness.

Until that changes, the only reasonable response to your complaints
about your workplace is really, "stfu, it's your own damn fault."


Charlton Wilbur