Re: Using Perl to find what address bar says

On Tue, 07 Dec 2010 19:31:21 -0800 merlyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Randal L. Schwartz) wrote:

"jwcarlton" == jwcarlton <jwcarlton@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
jwcarlton> If that won't work for you, another discrepancy found was that on a
jwcarlton> normal load, HTTP_CONNECTION is set to "Keep-Alive"; but, using
jwcarlton> proxies, it's not set. So, a simple check for $ENV{HTTP_CONNECTION}
jwcarlton> might be all that's needed.

RLS> But for those of you who actually want to learn something, there *are*
RLS> legitimate proxies that would be indistinguishable using these
RLS> techniques. So it doesn't matter that you compare proxied vs not, and
RLS> test for that. You'll break legit users.

RLS> It's too bad the original poster was so closed minded. {Sigh}

For his stated purpose (some specific proxies) and the vast majority of
visitors his approach would work. Sometimes there's no perfect solution
and we have to settle for less; I think a real-world conversation would
have reached that conclusion quickly and without the animosity this
thread inspired in everyone.