Re: Installing Perl without man pages?

"Uri Guttman" <uri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

"SP" == Sherm Pendley <sherm.pendley@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

SP> merlyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Randal L. Schwartz) writes:
>>>>>>> "J" == J Gleixner <glex_no-spam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
J> On 06/07/11 02:58, Sherm Pendley wrote:
>>>> What's the secret sauce for installing Perl without man pages?
>>>> I've tried configuring with "-Dman1dir=' ' -Dman3dir=' '" and with
>>>> "-Uman1dir -Uman3dir", and both resulted in the man pages all being
>>>> dumped into my top-level install directory.

sub pod2man {
# @script is scripts names if we are installing manpages embedded
# in scripts, () otherwise
my($poddir, $mandir, $manext, @script) = @_;
if ($mandir eq ' ' or $mandir eq '') {
so setting man1dir to '' should work.

Now that I look at it again, that if() implies that setting it to ' '
*should* have worked too, doesn't it?

Setting it to '' results in just what the warnings I mentioned earlier
suggested would happen - Configure ignored it, and "make install"
created the man/ directory anyway.


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