Re: FAQ 2.6 What modules and extensions are available for Perl? What is CPAN? What does CPAN/src/... mean?

On 6/17/2011 4:00 AM, brian d foy wrote:
In article<4dfafef5$0$23625$ed362ca5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Xho
Jingleheimerschmidt<xhoster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

And the faq actually *is* dated unless it is kept updated. It's a fact,
why hide it?

It's always dated. There's no way for it to have information that isn't
from the past. :)

*sigh*. I'll try one more time.
-5 years is a long time.
-CPAN stats from 2006 look bad.
-if you can't be bothered to update this entry than remove the date.

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