Re: installation of PDL

Quoth "ela" <ela@xxxxxxxxxx>:

"Ben Morrow" <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
You may need to post more of
the output of 'make': you've posted the error message, but not the
command that produces that message.

I used CPAN to install so the command is

cpan> install PDL or
cpan> force install PDL

No; you posted an error message from ld. Just before that there will
have been a message from make telling you what ld command-line it was
using. That's what we need to see; though it's probably best if you redo
the build by hand. Start with

cpan> look PDL

which will drop you into an unpacked PDL build directory, then run

perl Makefile.PL

from there. Post all of the output of both commands (I realise it will
be long, since PDL is such a large distribution, but there we go).

It seems definitely worth mentioning, at this point, that trying to
install modules by hand (or using the CPAN shell) against a vendor-
provided perl is usually a bad idea. The system package manager often
gets quite upset when it finds modules installed which it didn't expect
to be there. If RH provide a RPM of PDL (and I'd be surprised if they
don't) you will probably be better off just installing that.

Some of the other warnings are shown below:

Ops.xs:19761: warning: unused variable aa_physdatapa
Ops.xs:23159: warning: ab_SVa may be used uninitialized in this function

These sorts of warnings are quite common if you're using a newer version
of gcc than a module's developer. *Usually* they don't indicate anything
important is wrong, it's just gcc being excessively paranoid.