Re: Model Centric Perl Web Framework

Instead of opening a new thread, I post it here, as it's directly

I just refere to php's Doctrine2 ORM because it showcases what I am
looking for

In Doctrine2, you write a usual clall ("Person" in the example). After
this, you declare (via metadata) the mapping. This metadata can be
added in 3 different ways: separate XML file, separate YAML file, or
directly in sources via annotations (my main intrest):

Is there a similar ORM available for perl?

If not, which toolkit (library, product etc.) would come closest to
the functionality mentioned above?

And finally: is there a annotation system/standard available for perl?

On 29 Οκτ, 16:17, Ilias Lazaridis <il...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am looking for a perl web application framework, and found this
overview here:

I have two basic requierements:

a) "Model Centric".

"Model Centric" means, that the Model (and thus the OO Classes) is the
central point of development, and that the database is *not* a "point
of development" (or only optional if wanted, e.g. when dealing with a
given db-schema).

If I specify my model, I can then create the underlying database using

The same is true for CRUD functionality, which should be created
either dynamically at runtime, or via generators - using the classes
and metadata specified in the model.

An ideal implementation would allow me to continue incrementally,
creating automaticly updates of db-schemas and CRUD's, whilst
preserving data and my custom-changes made to the CRUD's.

b) "Authentication Functionality" (Modules / Components)

I would need modules for Open Auth Systems (Opent Auth, Open ID) and
modules for popular sites like facebook, twitter, google etc.


Can anyone tell me which framework fullfills the requirement "a" and
ideally requirement "b", too) ?

Thank you in advance.