Re: DBD::SQLite install with PPM, MD5 bootstrap parameter

On Dec 5, 6:31 pm, Ben Morrow <b...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Quoth ccc31807 <carte...@xxxxxxxxx>:

I've been trying most of the afternoon to get SQLite working with
Perl. I've got both Perl64 (on Windows 7) and SQLite going, but they
don't seem to communicate. DBI tells me that the SQLite DBD is
available but not installed. Yeah.

Using PPM, I get this message when I try to install DBD::SQLite---
Synchronizing Database ... done
DBD-SQLite marked for install
Installing package ...
  Downloading DBD-SQLite-1.35 ... done
  Unpacking DBD-SQLite-1.35 ... done
  Generating HTML for DBD-SQLite-1.35 ... done
  Updating files in site area ... failed
Installing package failed
ERROR: Digest::MD5 object version 2.51 does not match bootstrap
parameter 2.36_01

When I try to installDigest::MD5, I get this message---
DBD-SQLite unmarked for install
Digest-MD5 marked for install
Installing package ...
  Downloading Digest-MD5-2.51 ... done
  Unpacking Digest-MD5-2.51 ... done
  Generating HTML for Digest-MD5-2.51 ... done
  Updating files in site area ... failed
Installing package failed
ERROR: Attempt to reload Digest/ aborted.
Compilation failed in require

Have you tried completely uninstalling Digest::MD5, and then
reinstalling it?

Digest::MD5 consists of three files


of which the second is empty and entirely unimportant. If you untar the
tar.gz ppm is using (or re-download it by hand from the repo) and point
perl at that directory, will it load Digest::MD5? Has PPM somehow got
hold of a corrupted tarball?

If you then go in by hand and put those files in their right places in
your perl installation, does that work? This is not a good long-term
solution, since I don't think PPM will expect those files to be there,
but it may get PPM working long enough to reinstall Digest::MD5

I can't use CPAN because my network administrator absolutely forbids
both make and Mingw, so I seem to be stuck with PPM.

I would strongly recommend against trying to use with ActivePerl
in any case. I know they've improved support in recent years, but IME
it's still pretty unreliable.

[This is completely general. If you're using a package manager, use it.
If you want to use, build your own perl. The only exception I
know of is Strawberry Perl, which was designed to use as its
package manager.]

Interestingly, I found Strawberry even provides a
ppm which can access non-CPAN repositories...once
in a while useful for tricky/time-consuming modules:

PPM> set repository activestate
PPM> install Devel::NYTProf
Installing C:\strawberry\perl\site\lib\auto\Devel\NYTProf\

Charles DeRykus