Re: Paging David Canzi

Quoth Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz <spamtrap@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
In <jct4nh$vhb$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, on 12/21/2011
at 05:24 PM, "David Canzi" <dmcanzi@xxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

And your article is present on the news servers I checked that your
previous articles were not on.

What about this one?

FWIW, David noted in a private email to me that even though I have been
seeing all your articles (duh!) they end up with very long Path
headers. The article which began this thread had a much more
normal-length Path; the article I am replying to has a long Path again,
which suggests something somewhere is objecting to it.

Anyway: this should really be in a test group. F'up set to alt.test.

[Oddly your articles seem to start and end on Giganews machines, but
they appear to be incapable of shipping articles across the Atlantic...]