ANNOUNCE: HTML::Tmojo v0.300

From: Will Conant (
Date: 03/27/04

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    Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 01:49:14 GMT

    HTML::Tmojo is a flexible, template-based content
    generation engine. While it is particularly well suited
    for generating HTML and XML documents, it can be used
    effectively to produce any text output.

    Key Features of Tmojo include:

      - powerful yet clear template syntax

      - 100% object-oriented templates

      - excellent control over white-space in output text

      - file and memory caching of compiled templates for
        terrific performance

      - customizable template loading

      - very flexible template processing model

      - "lite" templates which can be safely provided by
        un-trusted 3rd parties

      - works very well with mod_perl and CGI but is not at
        all bound to them

    HTML::Tmojo v0.300 is available now through CPAN and
    from the Tmojo web site located at:

    A deeper explanation of Tmojo, comprehensive
    documentation, and information about the Tmojo E-Mail
    List are also available at the above site.

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