Re: Mail:Sender - HTML Mail with alternatives problem

From: Bjoern Raue (
Date: 07/26/04

Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:52:15 +0200

Gunnar Hjalmarsson schrieb:
> Bjoern Raue wrote:
>>I'm trying to generate an HTML mail with text alternatives using
>>the mail:sender module.
>>As everybody can see below the message was created and received but
>>neither the HTML part nor the textpart were inserted by
>>Anybody knows what went wrong? Please don't advise me to use any
>>other perl mailing modules because my provider only supports the
> A few comments:
> - The version of Mail::Sender used seems to be 0.6. It's very, very
> old. I would recommend that you ask your provider to upgrade.
> - It they, contrary to expectation, would refuse to upgrade, you can
> well install the latest Mail::Sender module somewhere in 'your' corner
> of the server.

Thanks for your reply. I already talked to Jenda, the developer of the
mail:sender module. The problem was indeed the old code from 199x as you
expected. So upgrading to a more recent version solved the problem.
Everything works fine now.