Re: Have I an error in my POD?

On Thu, 22 Dec 2005 20:33:19 +1100, Ian Stuart wrote:

Hi Ian

> Ah - I had a quick look at the help stuff, and didn't spot that..


> I'll have a play (however I don't want to upload a new version to
> cpan is this is the only fix - not really a bug-fix <grin />)

PITA, right?

>>> I *thought* that the abstract was deduced from the NAME line:

So did I.

> MathML::Entities::Approximate - Returns approximated ASCII
> characters for XHTML+MathML Named Entities

Looks OK, except...

> Hmmm... From Rob's (sisyphus) comment, looking at
> ExtUtils::MakeMaker: "matching /^($package\s-\s)(.*)/ " - could the
> problem be the *leading* space in the text of the NAME section?

Yes, that'd be the thing to edit.