Intending to Upload: WWW::Spider

I intend to upload to CPAN the WWW::Spider module whose header is
shown below. I am looking for comments/complaints/ideas about the
namespace and/or usefulness of this module (e.g., any functionality
missing or not necessary).

Thanks to all

package WWW::Spider;

=head1 NAME

WWW::Spider - customizable internet spider

=head1 VERSION

This document describes C<WWW::Spider> version 0.01_01


my $spider=new WWW::Spider;
$spider=new WWW::Spider({UASTRING=>"mybot"});

print $spider->uastring;
$spider->uastring('New UserAgent String');
$spider->user_agent(new LWP::UserAgent);

#basic stuff
print $spider->get_page_response('')->content;
print $spider->get_page_content('');
$spider->get_links_from('');#get array of URLs

my $graph=$spider->create_graph_for('');


WWW::Spider is a customizable Internet spider intended to be used for
fetching and analyzing websites. Features include:


=item * basic methods for high-level html handling

=item * the manner in which pages are retrieved is customizable

=item * callbacks for when pages are fetched, errors caused, etc...

=item * caching

=item * a high-level implementation of a 'graph' of either pages or
sites (as defined by the callback) which can be analyzed