How can I get a nicer HTML output from POD parsers???

From: dede (
Date: 08/05/04

Date: 5 Aug 2004 05:33:00 -0700

Dear community,

from using the tools pod2html and pod2htmltree I understand that I might add
a stylesheet-file (*.css) to modify the appearance of the generated tags of
the html-resultfiles.

Now, what I would like to understand is how to use e.g.

- these fancy grey tables for code fragments (usually parsed with <pre>-tag) !
- colored boxes around the head1, head2 tags (like activestate) !
- special: embedd pictures (ie. GIF or JPG-links) !

Can anybody tell me what tool, module, configuration I have to use in order
to modify the output of the POD -> HTML parsing process?

Thank you in advance,