Perl - Parse UNC Path in a string variable

From: Kevin Joseph (
Date: 08/12/04

Date: 12 Aug 2004 08:43:59 -0700

I have written a Perl script to modify some files over the network.
All PCs are Win2k. Most of the files reside on a share in the form of
\\server\share_name. Some of the files are on dirves in the form of
\\server\d$ and this is where my problem is.

My script prompts the user for the file name. It store the information
in a variable, parses it and then accesses it. If the file name
entered is \\server\share_name\filename, I do not have a problem. With
\\server\d$\filename however it simply fails. I have the logic to
convert \ to \\ which is why the former works
(\\server\share_name\filename). I tried escaping the $ (using \$) but
that did not work. I have tried various permutations and combinations
thus far and as a last option am sending my request to this newsgroup.

Kindly help.