FormMail Problem


I am using FormMail.CGI v. 1.92 (04/21/02) to process s form on a Website.
Though I am not familiar with Perl, I have used this script and its earlier
versions for several years without problems.

Now, the script will process the form for some e-mail addresses but not
others, giving the error message:

Error: Bad/No Recipient
There was no recipient or an invalid recipient specified in the data sent to
FormMail. Please make sure you have filled in the recipient form field with
an e-mail address that has been configured in @recipients.

Here are the pertinent lines from the script:

@referers = ('','','','');
@recipients = &fill_recipients(@referers);

and from the form code

<input type=hidden name="recipient" value="louiseandroy@xxxxxxxxxxx">

It seems to work for email addresses at '', '',
and '' but NOT ''.

Any ideas??