passing arguments to functions
Date: 01/20/04

To: <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 14:15:00 +1300

Hi all


I want to send 2 arguments to a subroutine in the form of arrays and want to use their result which is also in the form of an array.

suppose i have 2 arrays

@a=`/bin/cat /some/file` ; # A file that has a list of users
@b=`/bin/cat /another/file` ; # Another file with a list of users

sub try
     the code will do some sort of comparison of the elements of both arrays and return the results in the form of an array
    here i want to return my result in the form of an array
    say "@answer"

how I can use the resulted array "@answer" in my main program ?