Re: Could I put commands in a variable

From: Daniel Staal (
Date: 02/20/04

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 07:55:52 -0500
To: Perl Beginners <>

--As of Friday, February 20, 2004 11:25 AM +0000, Rob Dixon is alleged to
have said:

> I haven't looked at your code, but I don't think a rewrite is in the
> spirit of helping beginners at Perl. It may occasionally be the best
> answer, but I suspect you're simply enjoying yourself here ;)

--As for the rest, it is mine.

Well, it's not a from-scratch rewrite. Mostly it's his code: I just took
each section he had GOTO labeled, turned it into a subroutine, then handled
some namespace issues (created by having separate namespaces), and added a
wrapper calling loop.

As for enjoying myself, guilty as charged. ;-)

Daniel T. Staal

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