Generic LDAP and Perl question

From: Jeffrey N Dyke (
Date: 02/24/04

To: "'perl'" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 17:42:38 -0500

I realize i'll get a slightly biased opinion from this group, but thats

We have LDAP Servers on multiple platforms, but they are all V3 compliant.
I was starting to write some search & update code in Java, and although i'm
fairly green to both, i have more confidence my knowledge of Perl syntax
and was considering writing everything in Perl. And i like Perl more then
Java.(i'm biased as well)

I'm currently installing Bundle::Net::LDAP to test out. I have already
written a couple search classes in Java which was pretty easy, but If both
can connect/manipulate all the LDAP servers, then i'd like to use PERL, as
some of the SysAdmins can read/write Perl, but have no Java expierence.

I'll be connecting to the following LDAP Servers(for this project)

So i'm just curious if anyone has had successes/failures with the above
LDAP servers with Perl.
I'm sure its been nothing but success :)