Re: Object persistence

On Jul 13, Jeff 'japhy' Pinyan said:

 # Subscriber::DB::get_greeting
 sub get_greeting {
   my ($self) = @_;
   my $id = $self->{_id};


It turns out I had these in the wrong order -- you should execute() FIRST, and then bind_columns().

   # now here is the magic!
   return $self->SUPER::get_greeting;

If you want to hear more, I can give you more. Let me know if this has gone over your head though. I have a system in mind that would greatly reduce the amount of code in each of Subscriber::DB's methods that link to Subscriber's methods.

I've written the code I mentioned just above. It seems (to me, at least) to be pretty stream-lined. I will produce it if requested. I use a couple tricks throughout, so I'll explain them, of course.

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