open > file && s/ / /;

Hi all,

Can someone pls take a look at the script below and explain what I'm doing
wrong.. The script runs w/out errors but the substitution is not working..
Hopefully the note below will be enough info..

I was able to print the file names that I wanted but once I tried to open
the file and s / / /; the wheels fell off.. :~)

I think I can open a file this way....? Pls explain what I am doing
Thank you!

use strict;
use warnings;

# dir w/ text files containing text and links
my $dir = "J:/flash_host/ecomm/descriptions/product/small";

# a text file that has the file names which contain broken links
my $bad_file = "c:/brian/spartan/bad_links.txt";

open BAD, "< $bad_file" or die "Can't read $bad_file: $!\n";

# name each record in $bad_file => $file
while (my $file = <BAD>) {
chomp $file;

if (-e "$dir/$file") {

# open the text file w/ a bad link and sub "http://..."; w/ a local
open BADFILE, "> $dir/file" or die "Can't open $dir/$file for replace:
$!\n" &&
s & http://.* & descriptions/product/MSDS/$file &;
close BF


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