Re: how to develop an editor in perl

Hi Rajeev -

At 2005-12-07, 20:55:59 you wrote:
>I got a doubt how to develop an editor that can be used to modify files and
>it has to provide movement of cursor from left to right or right.
>thanks and regards,
>Rajeev Kilaru

First of all - why would you want to reinvent the wheel with so many excellent _free_
open source editors out there? I'm happy with emacs myself...

But if you really want to, I would start by looking at Perl::Tk - the cross-platform perl
GUI that is tried and true. It has several 'widgets' that sould work for you 'out-of-the-box'.
The Perl::Tk module is included in ActiveState Perl for Windows and is a snap to install on
other OSs.

Good luck and have fun :)

Aloha => Beau;