Re: Best way to look up perl information?

I appreciate your comments, but...perhaps I wasn't as clear as I should
have been. In the example above, I would have needed to know about
"perlembed" before I did a perldoc on it. What if I didn't know about
it? What is the best way to research something unknown? So far I've
been simply typing in the subject (ie perl java interface) into the
search line of the google advanced search page. This gives me a wide
variety of hits, many completely unrelated, many duplicated, most a
waste of time. Is this how all the experienced folks research a
problem? If this is the best way to search for information, then I'm at
the end of my search on searches and need to move on. But I really
think there has to be a, better, more efficient way to search on a
topic. This is what I'm really looking for...