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On 2/13/06, Bowen, Bruce <Bowenb@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've read my Llama book and been out to goggle on this and while I've found data that
suggests it is possible to step thru a script file, I've yet to figure out the exact
command structure to accomplish this. I think it's -s arguments

Good try! But arguments after your program name ("" in this
case) are being passed to your program (via the @ARGV array), not
arguments to perl itself. And the flag argument that tells perl that
you want the debugger is -d. So you probably want something resembling
this command line, with the "arguments" being the ones passed to your
program, and the -d going to perl.

perl -d arguments

That will run your program under the debugger, so you should have a
debug prompt before the first executable statement runs. At that
point, you may use the 's' command to single-step through the code.
See the perldebug manpage for more, or use the 'h' command for help
while running the debugger.

Hope this helps!

--Tom Phoenix
Stonehenge Perl Training

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