Re: LAMP that is perl

Beginner wrote:

I have been looking at CRM (customer relations management) packages
and the term LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP) keeps appearing.

The "P" in LAMP could stand for php, Perl, or Python. Sometimes you see
LAMPPP to describe the full development stack.

I am not talk just about the applications (EG: SugarCRM)
but also books, everything is PHP based.

I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you asking if we know of any
Perl-based CRM applications? (I dunno). Or are you asking about
LAMPerl in general?

Perl doesn't know anything about LAMP. It interacts with those other
components just like it always has (long before that acronym was
invented). There's nothing special you need to do in Perl just because
you use that acronym to describe it's environment. The MySQL calls are
all the same, etc. There are lots of Perl LAMP books, but they don't
have "LAMP" in the title (they're just Perl books). Write good
cross-platform code (so the "L" doesn't even matter) and make it
mod-perl capable (which is usually accomplished by nothing more than
ordinary good programming practices, especially regarding scoping) and
you're writing "LAMP Perl" (whatever that is).

If you want a "certified" LAMPPP stack, check out

David Filmer (