What module should I use for this: SOAP, XML?

I'm trying to extract a single variable from a page like
http://www.weather.gov/data/current_obs/KDMH.xml. This is the National
Weather Services current observations for Baltimore's Inner Harbor. I'm
just interested in the data enclosed by <temp_f> tags, the current
temperature. I just want to get this value and output it. I investigated
SOAP::Lite, but this seems to need a wsdl file or remote procedure
calls, which the NWS doesn't seem to provide. I also looked at
XML::Simple, but this looks like I have to combine it with something
like LWP to request the page and process it. Or, do I just get the page
with LWP and write a script to parse it? Am I overlooking a simple

I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to get this data most easily.
Extra bonus points given for a one-liner.

Thanks in advance for all your advice and suggestions.


Kevin Zembower
Internet Services Group manager
Center for Communication Programs
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University
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Baltimore, Maryland 21202