WWW:mechanize to fetch content from a web page as you would do with the mouse


I am pretty new to perl WWW stuff.
I wrote a perl script to extract information from a web page. this
uses as input a text file that I generate by selecting and copying
grom the web page with the mous ad then pasting the content in

Now I would like to use WW:Mechanize to fetch the content from perl
but if I use:

my $url3 = 'http://www.immobilienscout24.de/find.national/resultDialog.go;jsessionid=D0398EBB9DB46F5\

my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new(agent => "WWW");
print $mech -> content(format => "text");

I do not get the same kind of inoformation, but only some text thjat
is unuseful for me.
Is there a way to get from WWW:Mechanize the same information I would
get using the mouse to select and paste??